△▼Changing your skincare routine for Autumn▽▲

As the temperature drops, have you noticed those little changes of your skin, some skin problems like dullness, acne, breakouts, wrinkles and puffy face?
That can be the after-effects of skin that has endured the harsh environment during the summer.
With the increased secretion of sebum and sweat, the dirt in the pores (sebum, dead skin cells, bacteria, etc.) causes the keratin plugs to increase and become bigger.
→Clogged Pore
When keratin plugs oxidize, they turn into blackheads.
Plus, pigmentation surrounds the pores due to increased melanin.
→Blackhead Pore
In order to protect the skin, the stratum corneum thickens, causing hyperkeratosis.
→Skin thickening
In autumn, "pore cleansing" "antioxidant and melanin suppression" and "increase metabolism" become important.
Let's review our skincare routines right now and "repair our skin" before the dry and cold winter comes.