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Hey, everybaby!
How have you been?💓
Pollen season is in full force right now and many hay fever sufferers have complained of feeling like they have worse symptoms this year compared to previous years. There is much more pollen in the air this year than before.
Sadly I am one of them 😞
Other than that, skin becomes quite dry as we are in autumn.. Skin problems on our faces become more noticeable..💔💔
What can we do to keep you looking good?
Using mask is a great way to moisten your skin but before that, need to make sure your skin condition is ready for taking all those active ingredients.
Millions of products are waiting there, but to get the right one for yourself?
Brilliant CO₂ Pack
For those people who have these problems
・poor blood circulation
・fine lines
・dark spots
・aging skin
・opening pore
With the double-effects of the carbonic acid + Fiflow improves blood circulation, makes the active ingredients get absorbed quickly and improves the skin clarity.
Fiflow affects nasolabial fold and wrinkles and sagging skin.
Increases skin clarity with whitening ingredients like arbutin, Saxifraga stolonifera extract, Lobata root extract, Chlorella Vulgaris Extract, and more.
Astaxanthin (the antioxidant ingredient) protects the skin from oxidation.
Helps skin retain moisture with hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid, hydrolyzed elastin, trehalose, and aloe vera extract.
Along with cell activation, metabolism and tissue regeneration are activated.
(This reduces the build-up of dead skin cells and improves clarity.)
Carbon dioxide works to dissolve sebum. While the pack is on, it continues to clean and remove dirt and sebum from pores.

BEFORE & AFTER!! Just in less 10 Mins!

*Dry your face before using.
1) Apply the product to the entire face, avoiding eyes and mouth.
2) The fizzing carbonic acid changes the texture from gel to foam. The bouncing sensation lasts approximately 5~10 minutes.
3) Rinse with lukewarm water when the foam subsides.
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