Cre Chez Sois Foaming Gel★ is all what you need

Face wash?
I am right here for you
・The ultra-dense foam particles absorb dirt and help retain moisture.
・Softening the dead skin around the pores and lift them up.
・A good defoaming and leaves your skin a smooth feeling.
・The moisturizing ingredients protect the skin’s moisture content.
・It restores the water retention level of the skin.
・.Reset dullness to give a bright one-tone skin.
⚡️⚡️Suitable for all skin types/ sensitive skin.
【How to use】
Take a small amount of gen about 2~3cm in your hand, lather well with water or lukewarm water.
Apply plenty of foam to your face and wash gently.
Rinse it off gently with water or lukewarm water.
* There will be more elastic foam if you use a facial washing net.
* Remove the cap and peel off the seal before using it the first time.