▼How to deal with hot and humid weather▲

Hey, Girrrrrls!
The temperature and humidity are getting higher and higher recently😞
When the weather isn't that good, your skin and your mind start to feel a bit dull, don't they? You sweat all the time, and then you will feel uncomfortable because sweat remains on your skin.
The sweat and sebum that remains on your skin makes it feel moisturized on the surface, but it may be a sign of inner dryness if you are producing a lot of sebum😵 Like when you spend a lot of time in your room, with the air conditioning on, your skin becomes dry and even the moisture inside of your skin evaporates rapidly. When the skin feels that there is not enough moisture inside, it tries to protect itself by producing a lot of sebum to prevent the moisture from escaping.
If you leave this untreated, the situation of your pores would be worse and you may end up with sagging pores 😭
With high humidity, sweat, and sebum secretion, it is important to remove dirt to allow moisture to penetrate!
[Brilliant CO2 Pack] is a gel-type pack that dissolves away sebum and dead skin cells with carbon dioxide bubbles as soon as it is applied to the skin while providing moisture.
One piece of the cooling sheet mask is also highly recommended!
[Pore Moisture Mask]is a sheet mask that contains 20ml serum in per package!! The cold sensation tightens your pores while moisturizing the skin!
And I would love to know your skincare routine!😘