~Hello everybody~
Working from home is very relaxing but also it causes some problems, like back pain that I have now😔
You know, bad posture from activities such as sitting in front of a computer, hunching from bad posture, sitting cross-legged, using the cell phone for extended periods of time, stretching your neck forward, etc. all will cause fascia adhesion. All of these activities will stretch your fascia which will lead to muscle relaxing and twisting.
A unique mixture of ingredients that promotes myofascial release.
This massage cream contains a unique mixture of mineral ingredients that promote the myofascial release. It also enhances the penetration of serums and other products due to its excellent delivery effect into the skin.
This product is designed to be used in combination with other massage products. The effect is enhanced if you massage your muscles with it.
With the release of fascia, not only will our blood and lymphatic fluid circulation improve but our metabolic residue will be more easily expelled from our body. It also helps to improve the skin's elasticity, firmness, and luster.
It also eases muscle tension and increases the range of motion of the joints, boosts your metabolism.
In addition to the fat-dissolving ingredients PHYTOSONIC, PLEURIMINCYL, and COAXEL, the formula also contains Volcanic Soil Extract, Tourmaline, and other metabolism-boosting ingredients.
The unique fragrance is also effective in promoting circulation, beautifying the skin, and refreshing the body.
Should definitely try it if you are having the same problems as me!