During Autumn, the skin is becoming more sensitive.

During the summer period, the skin is subjected to various stimuli from UV rays and high temperatures and humidity, then the dryness of autumn reduces the skin's barrier function and brings the damage to the surface. Especially this year, we wear masks all the time, our skin might become itchy due to chafing, and bacteria would grow and cause acne since your face has been covered by a mask for so long.

Don't you feel the skin condition even be worse than usual?

[MJ-60]-for rough skin covered by the mask!

Take a little bit more effort to take care of your skin and help it to work on its own power!

[MJ-60] A fresh liquid pack that uses the whole bottle once for taking care of your skin. Three types of sugar and DNA-Na (nucleic acid), which are hypo-allergenic for rough skin, help to lift and moisturize from inside of your skin.

Get your own skin's ability to survive the harsher winter dryness with MJ-60 at this time!