100% natural - Ocean bathing with the "Living sea minerals"!

This is a 100% natural seawater bathing product made of minerals from the living sea, concentrated and freeze-dried by a unique process. It replenishes the body with concentrated minerals, moisturizes the skin and promotes sweating, making it more receptive to body-making care.

Product Information

Sea Bath Powder

1kg / 14,800 JPY (Excluding tax)

How to use

Dissolve 50-70 (equivalent to 40-60 grams) on the scale of the measuring cup in the bath water. Set the water temperature at about (38-40°C) and bathe for 15-20 minutes. It is more effective if you leave the mineral content on your skin without rinsing it off in the shower. (With a scale of 50 (40g), the water volume is 200L; with a scale of 70 (60g), the water volume is 300L.)