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Carbonic acid pack “Powerful Foam”

You can’t feel the difference even you spend time taking care of your skin…

Apply the gel pack to your face and it will create a dense carbonated foam evenly. Contains moisturizing ingredients such as arbutin and trehalose to moisturize and tight your skin.

Product Information

Brilliant CO2 pack

10g×16packets / 10,560 JPY (Excluding tax)

1packet / 693 JPY (Excluding tax)

How to use

Please dry your face before using it if it is wet. Apply one packet of the product to your entire face, avoiding eyes and mouth areas. The fizzing carbonic acid changes the texture from gel to foam. The bouncing sensation lasts approximately 5-10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water when the foam subsides.

* Recommend using once or twice a week.

* One packet is for one-time use only.

* Do not put the product back in the packet and use as soon as possible after opening.

Order of Use: Face washing, Brilliant CO2 Pack, lotion, serum, Emulsion, cream