Jet-black eyeliner & No leaking

A Jet- black eyeliner that doesn’t leak but can be removed easily by hot water.

Product Information

Liquid eyeliner

Black / 2,500 JPY (Excluding tax)

How to use

Draw a thin line from the center of the crease to the corner of the eye. Fill in the triangular space between the end of the line at the corner of the eye drawn above and the actual crease of the eye. ※Draw a thin line towards the corner of the eye for a natural look. Next, pull from the center of the crease of the eye to the inner corner of the eye in a progressively thinner line. After removing your eye makeup with the special remover, rinse any remaining eyeliner with hot water and it will come off easily. This eyeliner is designed to come off in hot water at 40-degree.