"Face Gel" that keeps your skin comfortable and smooth all day long

This face gel combines the functions of lotion and serum, after washing your face you only need this product to complete your skincare. While moisturizing low-moisture, excess sebum Men’s skin, can also absorb excess sebum with the power of charcoal, leaving the skin a smooth and silky feeling without stickiness.

Product Information

Pore smoothing gel

50g / 3,500 JPY (Excluding tax)

How to use

Apply to your clean skin. Take 3 pushes (amount used at one time) in your hands and apply to forehead, cheeks, nose and chin with your fingers. Using all the fingers of both hands, apply it all over your face from the middle outward without rubbing. Extend any remaining gel on your hands to the neck. Wrap your face in your hands and press gently. When the surface of the skin becomes smooth, the moisture charge is completed!