Get you long eyelashes! Keep them curly!

It is a film-type mascara that contributes to long, upward-facing lashes without straining the lashes. It contains beauty ingredients that take care of your eyelashes while wearing makeup.

Product Information

Rush long curl mascara

Black / 2,800 JPY (Excluding tax)

How to use

Use this eyelash curler to curl your lashes upwards. Take an appropriate amount on the brush and push up the lash line by the curve of the brush. Then brush your lashes upward with the concave side of the curve. You can curl your lashes again once the mascara gets dry for making sure it lasts as long.

* The mascara itself can be easily removed with hot water, but we recommend using a special remover to remove it if you use other eye makeup (eye color, eyeliner, etc.). In that case, the mascara can be removed quickly and easily, so there is no strain on the lashes.